The Holy Spirit...
Heaven's Sherpa
Order your copy today The Holy Spirit…Heaven’s Sherpa, will take you on a faith-filled excursion, redefining what it means to live a life guided by God’s all-powerful, ever-present, all-knowing companionship through His Holy Spirit.
Order your copy today A daily journal to document your successes and challenges.
Take a moment to declare that you are S.A.F.E!
Take a journey of laughter, thoughtfulness, challenge, deliverance and ultimately
towards a closer walk with God!
An inspirational &
powerful daily devotional!
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Can I Keep it Real Devotional



A S.A.F.E Place Journal… For Women

My Journal arrived this morning Jacqueline! That was so quick! Thank you!!! The S.A.F.E. Place Journal is beautiful and the books😍Thank you so much!❤️


Inspirations for Women… A Journey to Wholeness

‘Brokens hearts equals new starts’, writes Jaqueline Peart. It’s one of the many nuggets of wisdom to be found in Inspirations for Women… A Journey to Wholeness, her 5th book in the series. And if we could only just grasp this firmly in our hearts what a liberation we would experience! Such is the spirit of this refreshingly honest journey into spiritual healing and encouragement for daughters who are serious about their relationship with their Heavenly Father.