Inspirations for… Relationships


A book written to help us experience the joy of relationships as God intended!

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Excerpts from Inspirations for… Relationships


A famous writer once said, “……if you want to know the condition of your community, listen to the music and read the works of the poet’s. In this, Jacqueline Peart’s latest book she reflects the heart of the most touching aspects of our lives -: RELATIONSHIPS. The book provides a provoking and real remedy to some of the difficulties we all experience in life.

“Relationships was hard for me to write and to publish because it challenged me and my integrity, it challenged my behaviour and most of all it challenged my faith and belief. You see relationships aren’t always easy and they stir up old emotions and unresolved hurts. Read on and be blessed and be encouraged. As you read, consider where you are in your relationships………..”

Jacqueline Peart, Author

My Mother


Mmh, my mother

Patient, yet impatient

Kind all the time

With a bark that can sometimes equal her bite!


She’s sweet, gentle, cute as well

That’s my mother folks

Watch out, for she can hold her own.


Mmh, my mother

Intelligent and witty

She’ll keep an audience enthralled

Don’t let her mislead you, because she’s always one step ahead of the game.


Mmh, my mother

Intuitive and honest, sometimes it hits a nerve

Though thoughtful and generous with her love and her time

And a good moneylender when you’re caught short at the bank.


Mmh, my mother

I honour you today,

Asking your forgiveness for all the days I strayed and went my own way.

To my mother, I love you.


Remember, mothers aren’t perfect; they’re at the University of Life too! So:


Whatever your circumstance

Whatever your concern

Whatever your past experience

Whatever your hurt

Put them behind you and honour your mother today

And tell her how much you care.

By doing so, you’ll not only free yourself, but you’ll free her as well.


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