Inspirations for… Teens


Practical and honest words from the heart of God to the heart of young people and those who love them!

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Excerpt from Inspirations for… Teens, Keeping it Real!



With all that’s fake in this world, whether it’s personalities or body parts.

There is a fight for our authenticity,

A fight for us to be real,

The world sets standards on how we should look, walk, eat or speak!


But I just want to be me!

How about you?


I cannot be, neither do I desire to be, anyone else other than who God has called and created me to be!


So, from now on with all your quirks, faults and strengths JUST BE YOU!

When you don’t know what else to do or say, just be you!

When others are looking for you to do or be anything other than you,

Politely let them know that you cannot be anything other than you!

That’s not an excuse to cop out of taking responsibility for poor behaviours or habits.

Far from it, it’s your character, your vision, your personality, your experiences and purpose that makes you, you!


So just be you!


Be encouraged, you are fearfully and wonderfully made,

And when God made you, He made you good!


I know for some this is a hard request because you have never known who you are and some of you feel as though you’ve lost who you are,

But let me give you a pointer.

When you find yourself laughing when you don’t want to,

Playing the fool when you just want to be yourself,

Going out when you want to stay in,

Be careful because you’re learning to stop listening to you!

The more you override your natural God-given instincts the more you are creating a new you!

Learn to listen to yourself, trust yourself and know that it’s alright to stand alone because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world!


BE YOU, because who you are is special!


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