The Wholeness Equation… Living a Life that Adds Up!


The Wholeness Equation… Living a Life that Adds Up!

A practical and impactful equation that helps demystify wholeness and guides you to living
the full and complete life we all desire!
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Excerpt from The Wholeness Equation… Living a Life that Adds Up!

I believe that everyone needs to be whole. Life has a way of throwing things at us, both good and bad and dependent on how we manage them they have an impact on us and how we live and grow. So how do you know you need to be made whole? Or how do you know someone you know needs wholeness?

The truth is sometimes we can’t tell or we don’t know. Our lives can be so well manicured and complex, that someone could have experienced major trauma growing up and not remember it at all, until something triggers the memory in later years and then the journey begins. That being said, often there are signs, symptoms or themes that can be used to identify that something is wrong.

Here are nine themes or signs you can use to help identify whether you need to be made whole. This list is not exhaustive but is here to give you a guide.

We start feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired

I remember reading a book title some years ago called, “Sick and Tired Of Being Sick and Tired”. I didn’t get the book but it did sum up how I was feeling at the time. It seemed as though when I got up I was tired, when I went to bed I was tired and I remember my mother commenting on the fact that I was always saying I’m tired. 

Watch what you say as there is such power in the tongue and the words that you speak. I realised that I wasn’t just physically tired but I felt weary of the demands, tired of the responsibilities, tired of being where I was when I knew there was more for me. I was just what the book title said: sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was in need of wholeness, completeness and peace. One of the definitions of peace is “an absence of war”. I needed peace because there was a war going on in my mind and emotions. I needed wholeness.

We may feel trapped

We can feel trapped in our lives or present situation because who we are doesn’t match what we are doing or being. 

© Taken from pages 67 – 68

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