Inspirations for… Singleness


A book to empower you through the four stages of singleness!

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International Standard Book Number: 978-1-907137-03-7


Excerpt from Inspirations for… Singleness

This is a collection of thoughts and poems that describe some of the feelings and thoughts you may encounter while you are single and unmarried or married and single…….

At last

A book for the singles who have felt lonely, are asking why, are still waiting and have on occasions grown tired!

At last

A book, the pages of which provide a timely reminder that you are not alone.

“…. if you’re single, looking and waiting, I’m not going to say it’s easy, I’m not going say it’s unfair or even tell you to be patient, because no doubt many people have already told you that. What I will say is written in the pages of this book. As you read Inspirations for.. SINGLENESS I pray you will do just that, keep hoping in Him and hold on because the vision is yet for an appointed time.




Hi, how are you?

Fine, life’s treating me good,

A lot has happened,

I’ve changed my job,

I got married a few years ago,

I’ve got two lovely children,

I saw some of the old group the other week, you never guess who’s dating who…

Whoops, I’m getting carried away with myself, how are you? What have you been up to?

I’m doing well

I gave my life to Jesus a few years ago

And since then things have been going up and up.

I’m working…………


Forget all that, who are you with? I don’t see a wedding ring on your finger? Well I’m single at the moment BUT I’m really getting a lot done and I’m not focusing on that right now. Though I want to get married, when it comes it comes, you see…….


As I try to justify my singleness.

You don’t have to feel guilty or as if you’re a freak.

Take this time to know yourself

And build a solid relationship with the Lord.

Trust me, He’ll be the lover of your soul if you let Him.

Sing a song to Him today and invite Him to be in EVERY area of your life. He’ll stick closer than a brother.

He’ll fill every gap in your life.

Taste Him and see


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