Will the Real Women of Destiny, Please Stand Up? (UK)

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This book takes its readers on a journey to become exactly what the title says, “Standing up as Real Women of Destiny!”

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Excerpt from Will the REAL WOMEN of Destiny Please Stand Up? 20 Lessons to Transform Your Life!

Featuring Lessons from Rahab, Joshua 2

I know first-hand what it is like not to be real and, furthermore, not to know my destiny, purpose and call. I went around the same mountains, with the same issues, living a life I had created to help me survive. I tried to please everyone else, which left me with a fulfilment deficit. God has and is transforming me and I want to share some of the lessons He has been teaching me with you.

Near enough every day I meet someone who is looking for their purpose, their destiny and meaning to life. Not all of them verbalise it, but the way they carry themselves, the way some of them settle for less than their best, is a tell-tale sign of someone who has not yet captured their destiny.

They are yet to find out who they are (identity) and why they are (purpose). There is a weariness in how they walk, they never seem to have enough energy, and sadly in some cases they can be easily manipulated as everyone else’s agenda becomes top priority, leaving their needs lower and lower down the list of importance.

Similarly, I meet women who know their call, their purpose and their destiny and what a difference! There is a definite way in which they walk and talk. They don’t settle, they don’t compromise unwittingly, but they move purposefully with zeal, with energy and passion.

To those standing up in the knowledge of who you are and your destiny, I salute you and trust that these words will be words of confirmation and comfort as you continue in your journey and destiny and call.

I wrote my book, Will the REAL WOMEN of Destiny Please Stand Up?, as a help to those yet to begin their journey as well as a companion to those already standing up in their destiny.

I was listening to a speaker talk about global education and they said that it’s all about training women because if you train a woman to do something she trains others simply by teaching her children. Wow, even the world has caught onto how important it is for women to stand up in their destinies and be all God has called them to be!


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